Missionary Support

Agape Church provides spiritual and direct financial support for two full-time Christian Missionaries in Ethiopia: Chaka Gutema in Senkele, Ethiopia, and, Tilahun Dida in Cyle Gefarsa, Ethiopia. 

These Missionaries continue the spread of the Gospel in Ethiopia, a continuation of the New Testament account in Acts 8:26-40. Ethiopia, by some traditions, is one of the sanctuary places for Jesus during his early years (cf. Matthew 2:13-15).






These missionaries, along with many others, assist Agape in fulfilling the Great Commission, which commands, "go and make disciples of all nations" - Matthew 28:19 (NIV).




















Agape Church also partners with Missionary Leara Lee of Breath of Life Ministries, originally of Ripley, TN, a fulltime Christian Missionary to Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria and India.